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プレパラート(praparat.)|Support Member Recruitment

Support Member Recruitment

Music project ” praparat. ” We are looking for the person who was supported by the performance in the activities of the .


<Wanted Instruments>
・Melody -based instruments
(Stringed instruments , woodwinds , brass does not matter)
・Classical Guitar

Also with respect to the operation of concert of planning and projects
We also recruited as follows: the person who was the support .

・Sound design
・Graphic design
・Video creators
・Web design , Internet promotion

Adjust the schedule whether you are able to participate in every single concert .
Practice of the whole is done twice per concerts .
(You can increase the individual practice times)
Concert production , it will adjust the schedule if a match is conditions such as dates and location of the practice .
There is no such ticket quota .
Guarantee for the performance support can not pay for now .
( Eventually by the sales performance of the entire “praparat.” CD
We want will be reduced)
Also I think that some things that I am allowed to request the recording of the CD.

If you give to those who are seeking cooperation from the following contacts with ” use instrument ” Please tell me ” your name ” .
Here we will be folded from contact .

Yuma Ogata

The activities of the “praparat.” is
Official website please visit ( and the like .
Please feel free to apply all means you are interested even a little ! !