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Free Album portfolio2016

Specification:Paper jacket · CD Press

It aimed to spread the music of “praparat.” “free” album .

Can you get directly at the concert venue .
Also I can the MP3 file [Free Download].
※ is not for sale in the online shop .

Recorded music:
01. rails(2012)
02. memories(2007)
03. Song of the wind(2005)
04. 「AKA NO MIZU」Main Theme(2012)
05. Examine of rainwater(2010)
06. pray(2013)
07. concerto for yuki(2012)
08. Returnable path of clouds(2015)
09. Karst Load(2015)

All Music Compose, Manipulate, Recording, Mixing
Keyboard, Classical Guitar, Ocarina, Recorder)
by Yuma Ogata

live recording at cafe terrasse KITAYAMA concert 2015 (2015.11.22)
Percussion:Takanori Hoshita
Whistling:Shinji Shinohara
Alto Saxophone:Kohei Uchida
Classical Guitar:Hayato Miyake

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